Video Marketing – Now Or Never

What is Video Marketing? Marketing is basically the promotion of a product or service. Video marketing therefore is the use of video to promote a product or service. Marketing videos are some of the hottest things on line.

Why Video Marketing is the Internet Marketer’s Dream

Marketing online you need to stand out from the crowd. You need to grab attention and do it quickly. It is estimated that you have three seconds to grab someone’s attention when they land on your website. Three seconds is not much time. Unlike my generation in which many of us continuously feel like we are playing electronic catch-up or even chasing there are whole generations now that have grown in the “on demand” age of instant information.

Online marketing video satisfies that need. It is a way to deliver easy to digest information, quickly and simply whilst capturing attention and holding interest. It also serves to build personal connection which is not otherwise easy to do online. We buy from people we trust. Video creates trust. Video testimonials have a high conversion rate because people connect with real people sharing their stories.

Video Works For You

Almost everyone would have heard of videos going viral, been forwarded one or watched one. YouTube has become a household name and acts effectively as a search engine in it’s own right. Good video and smart SEO distribution can generate some real search engine love.

Video keeps searchers on your site longer which again can get you some search engine credit. Videos build trust, create connection and help boost search results.

Internet Video Marketing now or never

Why now or never? I work with┬ábusiness. I work with video and I see two trends when it comes to video. The first being now – jump in with both feet and produce terrible video with bad lighting, poor audio and speakers almost painful uncomfortable to watch.

The second being never – suffering almost perfectionist paralysis never creating a video in the belief it has to be perfect – of mass movie production standards. Marketing with video does not have to be stressful or hard. A little thought before starting can work wonders.

A few tests can check lighting is adequate and you’d be amazed what some well placed lamps can achieve. Pick a quiet location with minimal background noise. Practice your pitch so it just rolls off the tongue on film. Get your business video marketing now. There are enough people committed to never. You can give your business the edge by marketing with video.

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